Helper Reviews


Tutoring Customer Reviews

“I really enjoyed helping people with computer learning, I just couldn’t make it pay the bills… probably because I gave away a lot of help for free. Whatever. Thank you for the great experiment in entrepreneurship and all the fun experience.” Harriet King, Houghton

“Harriet the Helper – she’s the perfect mix: insightful, patient, efficient, and knowledgeable.” Ashok Agarwal, Calumet

“Harriet has more answers than I have questions.” Greg Nominelli, Chassell

“You were very patient to answer and instruct and guide in the operation of our new mac.” Carol and David Waisanen, Hancock

“It’s a lot less frustrating to have you figure it out instead of us sitting here banging on it.” John Cooper, Constantia MI

“Harriet solved all my problems as fast as I could list them, and she also taught me how to fix some of my problems on my own! Best tech help ever!” Marilyn Cooper, Houghton

“Thank you so much, a load off my mind.” Gene Kuiper, Misery Bay

“It’s a bargain.” Betzi Praeger, Houghton

“Very comfortable to work with and I love your laugh.” Jill Haas, Calumet

“Harriet the Helper has been helpful with Rosanne the helpless.” Rosanne Poisson, Atlantic Mine

“It’s so nice when somebody comes who knows what they’re doing.” Mary Nominelli, repeat customer

“I know 95% more after one session!” Paul Schick, Lake Linden, MI

“I finally know what I’m doing now. VERY helpful!” Marilyn Midkiff, new tablet user in Tapiola

“I am delighted and I feel much more confident.” Jennifer Weirtz, Houghton

“I’ve been trying to learn to scan for years. In less than 30 minutes I was scanning easily. The communication was really easy to follow.” Lonie Glieberman, Royale Oak

“Extremely helpful, extremely knowledgable, extremely patient.” Bea Kerver, Houghton

“Everything that was wrong with the computer, Harriet fixed and I’m extremely satisfied!” Mary Wiitanen, Hancock

“Thank you very much, very helpful.” Phyllis Boutilier, Houghton

“You are a very wonderful teacher! You have a gift!!!” Beverly Maynard, Houghton

“You take any question, big or small and first you ask enough questions of us to see the dimensions of our question, then you show us how to get the answer ourselves. If we still can’t figure it out (because our learning style requires watching a demonstration first), you teach by your second method, you show us, but then you have us do it ourselves, so it gets locked in. You’re a ‘natural’ teacher. You find out where we’re at, and work with us ‘respectfully’ from that point forward.” Linda Belote, Hancock

“Harriet the Helper: try her, you’ll be SO GLAD you did! Helping, fixing, explaining, with a sense of humor besides.” Holley Linn, Houghton

“I have needs along a whole spectrum from simple to complex and Harriet could speak to them all.” Deb Kinzi, Houghton Business Owner

“Harriet, you were outstanding. Thank you for all your help.” Bonnie Holland, Director of Jutila Center for Global design and Business, Hancock

“You were very helpful and I appreciate it… very satisfied.” Sue Smith, Hubbell

“Harriet started me off, a babe in the woods at 88 years old and gently led me through the basics of email and a quick start on my introduction to the 21st century and she didn’t hurt my tender feelings even once. Thank you Harriet.”
Norman Arkin, 88 years old, Tucson AZ and Hancock MI

“I hired Harriet to help me get set up for a class I’m taking at MTU. She walked me through it perfectly, and I’m now connected in the Tech system to the professor and other class members. Thanks, Harriet!” Oren Tikkanen, Calumet MI

“Not being terribly comfortable using computers… I was very frustrated trying to hook up a new router modem and I was very pleased that Harriet gave me the option of either learning how to do it or doing it for me. My experience was that Harriet was fast, efficient, helpful and I would certainly use her again in the future any time I need help.” Mary Nominelli, Windows user in Hancock

“It was nonthreatening and not intimidating and very helpful” Deb Barna, Houghton

“It was excellent help! I learned a lot of things and all problems were solved.”
Betzi Praeger, repeat customer, Houghton, MI

“I was asked to put on a presentation, but frustrated as I did not know how to consolidate many pictures into a manageable program. I called Harriet. She helped me consolidate the hundreds of pictures into a 30 minute program – slide show. She also taught me the mechanics of the computer as to trouble shooting the presentation and how to operate the projector. My show was a success. I will gladly call Harriet again when I need help with a computer program or have a computer problem.” Becky Stroube, L’Anse

“Harriet combines computer savvy with patience and creativity, and cheerfully
leads you step by step to solve your cyber dilemma.” Nanno, Mac user in Houghton, MI

“We not only had fun, we learned a lot. Pat said, ‘she is a teacher that you can understand and relate to’. We both feel we can now use Skype comfortably.” Pat and Kathy Joyce, Houghton

“It was pretty cool.” Robert Farmer, Calumet, MI

“Harriet was very helpful.” Ken Kraft, Chassell, MI

“Harriet has been very helpful and explains everything so even a novice geek can understand it” Bobbie Kahn, iPad User in Hancock

“I was so impressed with Harriet’s competence and ability to problem solve for me. Plus she saved me so much time if I had to do that on my own.” Susan Burack, Mac user in Hancock

“I have benefited greatly from assistance with computer questions. Harriet is
helpful, patient, and hands on. She is very knowledgeable. Many thanks.” anonymous, Hancock, MI

“Harriet is very accommodating schedule-wise. She has a good sense of humor and she really tries to figure out where you are at before the session begins. I advise having a list of things that you want to clarify or learn or “have done” for you before the session begins.  She is great and very fair with her time. I’ll be re-booking soon.” Richard Pallotta, Ahmeek

“Dear Ms King,
I wish to thank you for the marvelous work you did for me in setting up my new computer. You made a special effort to order the computer which you felt was the most suitable for my purposes, and was also the most economical. You selected the programs which you considered the most beneficial for my work as a writer, and installed them. For the first time in my experiences with computers, I feel comfortable with a computer that is friendly and not always trying to confuse me. I am sure that the main reason is the short tutorial you were able to give me, and the assurance that your expertise was only cyber minutes away/ Thank you so much.” Jay Banks, M.D., Union, West Virginia
“Harriet was very patient and encouraging. She taught me at the pace I was comfortable at. I would highly recommend her.” Shreya Kumar, MTU graduate student

“I appreciated Harriet’s help and it was nice working with her.” anonymous 84 year old from Houghton, MI

“When I started my lessons on my iPad I had no idea how to turn it on and off. With Harriet’s patient teaching I can send messages and emails and I’m not afraid to figure out what the next step is. I look forward to my next lesson. The world is my oyster.” Jerri Gray, novice iPad user in Houghton

“I had an important presentation coming up and hadn’t used PowerPoint in a decade! Harriet helped me make friends with PowerPoint again and overcome my techno-worries. She also took the initiative, on her own time, to email additional resources to me including tips to improve the aesthetics of my presentation and a list of shortcut keystrokes that solved problems I didn’t even know I had! Not only did Harriet capably help me acheive what I was after but she also proved to be a master of value-added service. Thank you Harriet for your help, support and friendship. Kudos!” Diana Finch, M.Ed.
Founder, The Literacy Project,

“Harriet has been able to helpme enormously to deal with my computer problems. She’s very patient, knowledgeable, a very skilled computer specialist, and an all-around jolly good woman! So I’m happy to recommend Harriet King whether you’re a brand new computer user or already OK with your computer, but still having occasional problems.” Ruthann Ruehr, Houghton

“Working with Harriet helped me get a problem fixed and to better understand how to figure out those things I want to learn to do in programs. She has clever ways of describing the concept of how things work, so you can try to work it out – better than the blind, fearful and frustrating guess and stab approach.”
Barry Fink, Houghton

“I’m very happy – our bug was fixed in a brief time and now everything is fine”
Chris Walls, Houghton

“Harriet not only gave me access to the “power” of Excel, she also showed me that Word had capabilities I was totally unaware of but which are very helpful to me. She made it easy and fun to learn. It was money well-spent!” Linda Belote, repeat customer, Hancock